Our Partners

Athena is a data vendor, whose goal is to make environmental data useful to organizations.  As such, we seek partners with deep expertise in their market segment, with clients for whom geospatial data improves efficiency or profitability.  Our partners support Athena's solutions with subject matter expertise, project management, and/or business development resources.

Below is a list of our current partners, a brief description of their businesses, and the solutions we are working on together. If you would like to begin a conversation about working with us, please reach out to us by email at Info "at" Project-Athena "dot" io

Bintel works with local and state government agencies to address critical areas for county resource planning and disaster response. With a foundation in AI, data, project management and geospatial intelligence, Bintel uses its core product, Bintel Maps, to provide solutions include Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) writing, mitigation grant support, wildfire response and mitigation, watershed resiliency and monitoring, forestry planning, wildlife preservation, and infrastructure management.

Bintel works with county emergency services and infrastructure providers of electricity, natural gas, transportation, communications (including cell towers, radio towers, fiber optic lines), and water collection, treatment, and distribution. Bintel uses Athena's data for wildfire risks in CWPPs. Learn more at Bintel.io

VegaMX uses satellite imagery, weather data, artificial intelligence, and machine language tools to address challenges, such as wildfire risk. VegaMX plays a crucial role in advancing research and solutions for wildfire and climate change for firms in agriculture, financial services and the utility industry.  The company has collaborated on projects with Center for Environmental Research and Earth Sciences (CERES), MIT’s Julia Labs, NY Institute of Finance, Gateway Partners, Arbol and professors associated with Columbia and Washington University. With Athena, VegaMX will continue development of data to enhance wildfire models for utilities. Learn more at https://www.VegaMX.net

The ESRI Startup Program is designed to support early-stage companies that are leveraging GIS technology to address real-wo challenges. Participants in the program gain access to ESRI's extensive resources, including software, technical support, training, and networking opportunities. Learn more at ESRI Startup Program

Athena joined the ESRI Startup Program in May 2023. Press Release here.

Indemnity Lab, LLC is an InsurTech accelerator and change agent in the insurance industry.  Emilio Figueroa has decades of hand-on experience with MGA/MGUs, captives, and working with investors to develop new products in the risk management and risk acceptance sector. Learn more at https://IndemnityLab.com