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April 10, 2024
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Athena Intelligence Joins the Resilient Infrastructure +Secure Energy (RISE) Consortium™

Sacramento, CA – Apri 10, 2024 – Athena Intelligence, a pioneer in prefire wildfire risk assessment, announced today it has joined the Resilient Infrastructure + Secure Energy (RISE) Consortium™.  Athena joins over 500 companies who are working to address energy security and increase the resiliency of the domestic energy infrastructure.

The mission of the RISE Consortium™ is to address the energy security and climate crises by reimagining how we use, generate, transport, and store energy, as well as how we build efficient, modern, and resilient infrastructure. The RISE Consortium™ will work with innovators and experts to rapidly deploy technologies for installation and operational energy, integrate energy and climate resilience into performance contracting, and develop new business models to ensure that those solutions are scalable. Additionally, the RISE Consortium™ will serve as an industry forum to engage with new federal energy and resilience policies, standards, and programs.

“The RISE Consortium is excited to welcome Athena Intelligence to its membership,” said Michael Wu, RISE Consortium Executive Director. “To solve complex climate and energy security challenges, we need innovative members that bring both their novel technologies and influential voices to build a stronger, more resilient nation. The RISE Consortium is a transformational platform for energy and climate collaboration for the U.S. military and the federal government. We anticipate Athena Intelligence to be a valued member in supporting wildfire resilience.”

“Athena Intelligence’s conditional, geospatial profiling algorithms provide insights into wildfire risk a full year or more in advance of the potential fire, allowing electrical generators, transmitters, and distribution companies to plan mitigation efforts which are effective in changing the riskscape,” said David Sypnieski. “We believe membership in RISE is a great opportunity and look forward to working with the RISE team and their member organizations to develop unique and innovative solutions that will serve our nation’s future.”

Athena Intelligence's ongoing dedication to advancing wildfire risk assessment and providing actionable insights to its clients. The platform's scalability and adaptability make it a valuable resource for decision-makers seeking comprehensive and up-to-date risk information in the face of increasing wildfire activity.

While ignition events may occur anywhere, the focus for power companies is on predicting the locations of large, consequential fires. A highly granular profile, which includes insights into the broader landscape risk, offers more insightful information than most wildfire models. This contextual understanding empowers Athena's municipal, insurance and utility customers, enabling them to make well-informed decisions based on regional risk patterns.

About the Resilient Infrastructure + Secure Energy (RISE)Consortium™

The RISE Consortium™ is a national consortium whose members include manufacturers, technology startups, energy services companies, utilities, academic institutions, financiers, and legal, consulting, and engineering firms who wish to work with the federal government to accelerate energy and infrastructure modernization.

For more information about the RISE Consortium, visit their website:

About Athena Intelligence

Athena Intelligence, headquartered in Sacramento, is a leading data vendor specializing in wildfire risk assessment. With its proprietary geospatial, conditional profiling tool, Athena Intelligence provides comprehensive insights into wildfire risk for power companies, municipalities, insurance and financial services. This tool generates spatial intelligence, providing a digital fingerprint of wildfire risk. Learn more at