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November 15, 2022
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Athena Intelligence Welcomes Joseph Chaghouri as Lead Data Scientist

Sacramento, November 15, 2022 – Athena Intelligence, a leading data vendor specializing in geospatial intelligence for wildfire risk assessment, proudly announces the appointment of Joseph Chaghouri as Lead Data Scientist.

With a distinguished background in geospatial data science and machine learning, Joseph brings significant experience to Athena Intelligence. In his most recent role at Lawrence Livermore Labs, he played a pivotal role in developing machine learning geospatial models, including regression, Bayesian modeling, and random forests, to enhance data quality. Notably, he created decision tree classifier models for fire spread prediction.

“Our goal is to give voice to the information, or data, of the Earth. We use machine learning to solve for the efficient use of, and access to, the data that already exists, but is difficult to use in scalable business decisions,” said David Sypnieski, CEO and founder.

Joseph's expertise extends to remote sensing engineering, having been a Remote Sensing Engineer at SENC Group, contributing to breakthrough technologies in agriculture, energy, and environmental sciences. His hands-on experience includes developing models for the energy sector using remote sensing data and leveraging geospatial data for urban energy modeling.

Prior to joining Athena Intelligence, Joseph served as a Machine Learning Engineer at Omdena, where he worked on the Sysconverge project. Sysconverge uses AI and other technologies to assist over two dozen real estate investors in optimizing energy consumption for their buildings.

Joseph's educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Physics from California State University, Stanislaus. Joseph's research contributions as a Wildfire Research Assistant and Astrophysics Research Assistant further underscore his versatility and depth of expertise.

In his role as Lead Data Scientist at Athena Intelligence, Joseph will play a key role in advancing the company's mission to provide spatial intelligence for business use. His skills in geospatial data engineering will more align seamlessly with Athena Intelligence's commitment to leveraging advanced technologies for comprehensive wildfire risk profiling, or prefire probabilistic projections.

"We are thrilled to welcome Joseph Chaghouri to the Athena Intelligence team," said David Sypnieski, CEO at Athena Intelligence. "His wealth of experience and expertise in wildfire modeling and geospatial machine learning will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing efforts in delivering innovative solutions to the property insurance industry and electric utilities."

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