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Contact: Elizabeth Pearce                
               Vice President, Business Development                 

May 30, 2023
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Athena Intelligence Joins ESRI Startup Program with Prefire Wildfire Solutions

Sacramento, California May 30, 2023 – Athena Intelligence, a forefront innovator in wildfire risk assessment, is excited to announce its acceptance into the prestigious ESRI Startup Program. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Athena Intelligence, reinforcing its commitment to making its probabilistic projections of prefire risk accessible to business users.  Working with the ArcGIS platform will leverage the cutting-edge technology which addresses the complex challenges of conditional prefire algorithms.

ESRI, a global leader in Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, has recognized Athena Intelligence's potential to make a substantial impact on wildfire prevention through its innovative solutions. As a participant in the ESRI Startup Program, Athena Intelligence gains access to a suite of advanced GIS tools, resources, and support that will further enhance the effectiveness of its terrain-based wildfire risk probability profiles.

"Being accepted into the ESRI Startup Program is a significant validation of our business and the innovative approach we are taking to address the critical issue of wildfires," said David Sypnieski, CEO of Athena Intelligence. "This collaboration will empower us to enhance our capabilities, leveraging geospatial-based artificial intelligence, as well as networking with ArcGIS users and providing solutions on their preferred platform. By joining this program, our firm gains access to ESRI's state-of-the-art GIS technology."

Athena Intelligence is already renowned for its ability to harness advanced technologies in manage large sets of disaggregated data for scalable business decisions. By integrating with ESRI's powerful GIS tools, the company aims to commercialize its probabilistic projections, ultimately providing organization and communities with more robust insight into the risk of high impact, devastating wildfires.

The ESRI Startup Program, known for fostering innovation in GIS technology, welcomes Athena Intelligence as a promising addition to its network of forward-thinking companies. This collaboration not only highlights Athena Intelligence's potential for growth but also positions the company at the forefront of advancements in prefire planning for wildfire prevention.

About Athena Intelligence

Athena Intelligence, headquartered in Sacramento, is a data vendor with a proprietary, geospatial, conditional profiling tool that integrates vast amounts of disaggregated wildfire and environmental data. This tool generates spatial intelligence, providing a digital fingerprint of wildfire risk. The company's innovative solutions empower industries such as power, insurance, and financial services to make informed decisions in risk assessment, portfolio optimization, and loss cost probabilities. Learn more at

About ESRI Startup Program

The ESRI Startup Program is designed to support early-stage companies that are leveraging GIS technology to address real-world challenges. Participants in the program gain access to ESRI's extensive resources, including software, technical support, training, and networking opportunities. Learn more at