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Contact: Elizabeth Pearce                
               Vice President, Business Development                 

November 2, 2023
For Immediate Release

Voice of the Acre® Coverage Expanded to Include Texas and New Mexico, Encompassing 35% of the Continental U.S.

Sacramento, CA – November 2, 2023 – Athena Intelligence, a pioneer in prefire wildfire risk assessment, achieves a significant milestone with the expansion of its artificial intelligence tool, Voice of the Acre®. Responding to increasing demand from clients, Athena Intelligence has broadened its coverage to encompass two additional states – New Mexico and Texas. This strategic expansion elevates the total number of states with fully fingerprinted wildfire risk data to eight, covering an impressive 35% of the continental United States.

By adding New Mexico and Texas to Voice of the Acre®, Athena Intelligence strengthens its commitment to delivering timely and relevant information to a diverse range of clients. The profiling includes every structure, address, census block, city, county, and zip code in Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

Voice of the Acre® version 1.3 underscores Athena Intelligence's dedication to advancing wildfire risk assessment for businesses, investors, and municipalities. The platform's capacity to swiftly incorporate new states, now encompassing 35% of the continental U.S., showcases a scalable and adaptable solution for decision-makers seeking comprehensive and up-to-date risk information.

While ignition events may occur anywhere, the focus for utilities and municipalities is on predicting the locations of large, consequential fires. A property profile within the broader landscape offers more insightful information than the details confined within property lines. This contextual understanding empowers Athena's insurance and utility customers, enabling them to make well-informed decisions based on regional risk patterns.

As Athena Intelligence continues to enhance its capabilities and expand its coverage, the company remains dedicated to redefining industry standards in wildfire risk assessment. The inclusion of Texas and New Mexico is a testament to the company's responsiveness to client needs and the increase in interest in wildfire risk assessment that incorporates changing environmental conditions.

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