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April 25, 2024
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Athena Intelligence to Discuss Artificial Intelligence and Prefire Wildfire Assessment Tribal GIS Conference

Sacramento, CA — April 25, 2024 — As megafires continue to escalate in frequency and severity, Native American communities face unprecedented challenges in wildfire management. However, amidst these trials, tribal GIS specialists stand as stewards of their ancestral lands, navigating the intersection of contemporary technology and cultural values.

Athena Intelligence, a leader in AI-driven prefire wildfire risk assessment, recognizes the pivotal role of tribal GIS specialists in enhancing community resilience. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and community-based insights, Athena aims to revolutionize wildfire risk management within tribal territories.

"At Athena, we operate at the nexus of Artificial Intelligence and the stark reality of wildfires," says David Sypnieski, CEO and Founder of Athena Intelligence. "Our mission is to empower tribal communities with actionable insights, allowing them to merge the realms of technology and tradition. The Voice of the Acre® empowers communities to plan smarter, faster, and more cost-effective mitigation strategies.”

On May 1st, David Sypnieski will discuss using augmented intelligence, in the context of wildfire mitigation at the 14th Annual National Tribal GIS Conference in Albuquerque. This conference, focused on geospatial intelligence and tribal sovereignty, provides a platform for sharing insights.

"Through partnerships with tribal GIS specialists, municipalities, and engineering firms, we strive to enhance community resilience and safeguard ancestral lands,” explained Sypnieski. "This makes it easier to enact proactive measures, mitigating the risk of wildfires and preserving community well-being."

About Tribal GIS®:

The National Tribal Geographic Information Support Center (NTGISC) is a non-profit organization which supports Native American governments and tribal organizations regarding GIS technology. Tribal GIS® brings together events for novice and advanced tribal GIS users, including the Annual National Tribal GIS Conference. Learn more at:

About Athena Intelligence

Athena Intelligence, headquartered in Sacramento, is a leading data vendor specializing in wildfire risk assessment. With its proprietary geospatial, conditional profiling tool, Athena Intelligence provides comprehensive insights into wildfire risk for tribal lands, municipalities, power companies, insurance and financial services. This tool generates spatial intelligence, providing a digital fingerprint of wildfire risk. Learn more at